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Cast & Crew: Cast & Crew

The Crew

Years in the making, Annunaki ©, soon to be released as a short animation, is sure to wow audiences. The 120-page sci-fi script for the first movie is fully finished and ready for a live-action major production. Featuring a stellar collaborative effort of a terrific crew and cast, Annunaki brings to life an absorbing ancient story set across ancient Sumer, the Americas, and Egypt, with a variety of compelling characters. By setting the scene for why they came and why they left, paving the road for our human civilization, this intriguing love story about the quarrel with humans and disputes between the gods themselves, is sure to prove that this is something that hasn't been seen on the big screen. For the purposes of bringing the story to life, we have collaborated on a short animation to show the script's true potential. For special access, email and find out why the Annunaki will be a Hollywood saga of the century. 

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Steve Nguyen

Executive Producer/Director/Founder of Studio APA

Steve has been in the movie-making scene for over a decade including working as a production assistant at Universal Pictures on Jarhead and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. He also won international accreditation with his animated film, Hibakusha, which chronicles the early life of Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor, Kaz Suyeishi. He now runs Studio APA where he focuses on Animation, Film, Music, Publishing etc.

Colin Primo Buscarini



Colin, an anthropology major and college athlete, later to become a privacy and consumer rights lawyer, has been involved with many creative feats in music and the arts. With his creativity and persistence, he helped build the story and script to make it what it is today.

Zachary Laev Jablow


Music Production Manager 

Zach is a former Governor of the Chicago Chapter of NARAS (The Grammys), and under the name The Professor produced ground-breaking acts such as Chance The Rapper, Saba, Sidewalk Chalk, Slum Village, Vic Mensa, Curren$y, Mac Miller, and Ab Soul. Jablow has also been tapped to create soundtracks for successful advertising campaigns by brands including McDonalds, Red Bull, Nissan, and Coors Light. In 2022, Zach produced a Number 1 best-selling Christian Album on Amazon, PARABLE by recording artist Richie Acedvado, and then kicked off 2023 by scoring a new commercial for Nissan Motor Company. Throughout 2023, multiple singles will preview Laev’s first full-length body of work as a producer in which he spotlights 16 important and emerging hip-hop/rap, RnB and pop artists on the American scene including O.G. Maco and Khi Infinite.

Andrew Heldut



Andrew, a civil and privacy rights attorney, engaged in both domestic and international non-profit work over the years, found himself to be a consistent writer. Since the age of 11, Andrew inspired by his father and ancient history books he passed down to him, started writing down his thoughts on a potential new screen movie that has never been made. Over a decade later, the script was finally finalized.

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